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Welcome to the Kerstar range of industrial vacuum cleaning equipment which has been produced at there UK manufacturing facilities in Northampton since 1959. They produce a wide range of standard and specialist vacuum cleaning equipment suitable for use in many varied applications and industries. Whatever your requirements are you can be sure that the Kerstar range of products are unsurpassed for their quality, performance and durability.

Vacuum Cleaners - ATEX- KERSTAR - CAT 3


The Kerstar range of KEVA vacuum cleaners has been purposely designed, built, tested and approved as suitable to pick up potentially explosive and conductive dust and debris in a Dust zone 22. The Type H models are also suitable for picking up dust and debris that is hazardous to health in a Dust zone 22. All models are built using an electronically commutated brushless motor featuring soft start and thermal protection. Each model in the range is equipped with three stages of filtration on the negative pressure (suction) side of the motor. Every model is supplied ready for use with a fitted plug, comprehensive instruction book and a full conductive toolkit.



Supplied with full 38mm conductive toolkit

Hose length 3 metres. Longer hoses available

All models use stainless steel canister

Cable length 10 metres

Fitted plug

All models supplied with 5 x microfibre burst resistant disposable bag





1st Stage Microfibre disposable bag with sealing cap

2nd Stage Conductive fabric filter assembly

3rd Stage Oversized, metal cased, HEPA absolute filter



KEVA 20 - 4 x 75mm conductive castors and conductive plastic chassis

KEVA 30 & 45 - mounted on detachable stainless steel caddy with conductive wheels and castors


All models have a locking/braked castor

Dimensions (H x W x D) mm

KEVA 20 - 830 x 440 x 440

KEVA 30 - 960 x 450 x 500

KEVA 45 - 1080 x 450 x 500


Cleaning range:

28 Metres all models

Weight (kg):

KEVA 20 - 21.2 KEVA 30 - 26 KEVA 45 - 26.8



110V      1050w Max  /  900w Mean

230V     1150w Max  /  1000w Mean



110/230v / 50/60Hz



110V  Max Airflow 56Ltr/Sec            

Max Vacuum 2,100mm/WG

230V  Max Airflow 59Ltr/Sec            

Max Vacuum 2,300mm/WG


Capacity Litres

KEVA 20 20L

KEVA 30 30L

KEVA 45 40L


ATEX CATEGORY 3 Dust Zone 22   II 3 D c Ex tD A22 IP6X T100°C Ta = 0°C to +30°C

KERTSAR KIT KEVA_20_30_and_45 ZONE 22